Day in the Life of Ivan

Source One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn describes his time in a labor camp through the eyes of a character named Ivan Denisovich. In the book, Solzheitsyn describes a typical of a prisoner in a soviet labor camp, specifically for political prisoners. He describes the harsh environment that prisoners have to … Continue reading Day in the Life of Ivan

Story of a Real Man

Ilyshun-II Stormovik Post World War II, veterans came home to a bleak reality. The economy was in ruins which meant there was no work available. Veterans numbered almost 11 million by the end of the war, with the Army discharging 8.5 million veterans, many regions of the Soviet Union saw unemployment rise to almost 50%. … Continue reading Story of a Real Man

Religious Procession in Kursk Governorate

"Religious Procession in Kursk Governate" is a Russian realist painting by Ilya Repin, was part of the Wanderers. The Wanderers were a group of painters who dropped out of the Art Academy so they would not have to follow the rules of the Academy. "Religious Procession in Kursk Governate" was completed between 1880 to 1883. The … Continue reading Religious Procession in Kursk Governorate